Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WWE Cookies

Cameron is a great young man that I primarily know through his babysitter.  Nice, polite, kind to his sister, super sweet parents, I figured he was a quiet, peace-loving kid.  Then, I was asked to create WWE cookies for him and the research brought me to a whole new world - a world that he must be familiar with.  What a shock!  I almost fell off my chair!  This is a world I have never entered.  Yes, I had heard of "The Rock" but that is pretty much where it ends.  With two daughters and a peace loving spouse, the WWE is not spoken of in my house.  Until this week!

I still don't really understand much about the WWE, but these logos are now very familiar to me.  I actually like the D Generation logo very much and loved creating Cameron's name in my version of the WWE font.  Happy birthday Cameron, if you grow up to be a wrestler, I will never know anything about it!

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