Thursday, February 25, 2010


I lived in Kitchener for almost 10 years and during that time was a somewhat frequent visitor of the famous Kitchener Market.  In addition to the fabulous meats, cheeses and produce, there were a number of really great bakers, including many German ones, in homage to Kitchener's heritage, of course.  One particular stand I would frequent each week carried these wonderful Almond Horns, which I think I must have eaten as a child in Holland.  The outside was crunchy, the inside chewy, dipped in delicious chocolate,.... mmm!  I haven't had any that even faintly resembled those gems since leaving Kitchener in 2001, believe me, I've tried to find some! 

So, the other day I was checking out some sites on the web and found a blog that had a recipe for Mandelhoernchen - yes, the elusive Almond Horns (thanks for sharing, Gesine).  I was so excited.  I could almost taste them and quickly printed off the recipe and practically ran into the kitchen.  Now, I must admit, my first attempt (with store-bought marzipan) did not pan out, but I wasn't giving up!  So, I made my own marzipan (almonds and sugar), added the rest of the ingredients - basically more almonds and sugar and this time success!  I dipped the ends in chocolate and look at these beauties!  They are every bit as tasty as the "b├Ącher" used to sell me in Kitchener! 

Good news for those of you with food issues - this is one of my recipes that is made without either wheat or dairy.  And a special thank you as always to my dairy-free husband for taking the snapshots.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fondant Cake

Here is a pretty cake I made for no particular reason.  I was inspired by a picture of a cake and wanted to practice with fondant.  I love the end result, although I think the colour of the fondant makes you think this cake is covered in marzipan, which wouldn't be a bad thing,...  It's final design makes me think of 1970's wallpaper, macrame and quilting.  It is not what will come to mind when you eat it of course, but it shows that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Caterpillar Cake

This hungry little guy will delight young children and book lovers too!  My Butter & Sour Cream Vanilla cake/cupcakes, decorated with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Fondant make this caterpillar oh so cute!  (thanks to Coco Cake Cupcakes for the inspiration...) Enough cupcakes and cake to serve 28.  This cutie can also be made with miniature cupcakes and a proportionally smaller head.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bell Flower Cupcakes

Pretty vanilla cupcakes, iced with pink vanilla bean buttercream and each topped with a handmade gum paste flower. Made for a loving husband to give to his beautiful wife. Also perfect for mothers and brides and pretty little girls. 


These Madeleines are a traditional small cake originating in the Lorraine region of France. Soft and delicate, they can be flavoured with nuts or citrus, sometimes cardamom. These wonderful cakes were flavoured with orange zest and just melt in the mouth.

Polka-Dot Cake

This fondant covered cake is simply perfect for any girl's birthday, although everyone will enjoy it! Your favourite flavour cake and filling will work for this cake, but for the record, it was vanilla butter cake and lemon curd filling. Yum!