Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Cookies

I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my friend Shari.  My children were happy to help pour ice water over my head (I think I heard "highlight of the month" uttered by one of them) and I must admit today was the perfect day to do it, as it was soooo hot!  I made these cookies and used them as incentive to inspire others to donate.  The prize was grabbed up in about 30 seconds!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Horse Head Silhouette Cookies

I am surrounded by horse lovers (one lives in my house, in fact) and the request for horse cookies never seem to end.  I don't mind!  I personally love silhouette cookies and really like how these turned out!  Hope you do too!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sweet Handmade Cookies on Social Media and Being a Redpath Sweet Pro

I really love social media and am very active on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr.  In the past I have worked hard to keep each of my Sweet Handmade accounts updated with the same pictures and content, but that is getting harder and harder to do because there are more accounts to take care of and I am getting busier and busier with work (which is thrilling!)  Also, I think each one of these social media platforms have different strengths, so I am trying to use them the way they are intended to be used.

I feel like Facebook and this blog (which is often referred to as a website) is the best way for me to tell you stories about my baking life with pictures and words.  I am using Instagram to show behind the scenes photos, this is not where I generally post my "official" pictures.  I like the old-school Flickr for cookie pictures - just cookies.  Pinterest is the same, but there my pictures are sorted into albums which makes them somewhat easier to find if you are looking for something specific.  My Twitter account is a way for me to share recipes and tips of some of my favourite sweet accounts.

Whew!!  Just reading these first two paragraphs makes my head spin!  What I am really trying to tell you is that I am going to try to make this page more inclusive of all of my social media endeavours so that if you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you can still see what is happening in regards to my cookies right here!  You can also join my mailing list by dropping me an email at sweethandmade@rocketmail.com and asking me to add you to my list.

Now, to try and catch up on some of my more recent social media postings you may have missed:

I posted an album to Facebook this week with pictures of my recent Redpath Sugar filming day.  I am a Redpath Sugar Pro at this year's Canada's Baking and Sweets Show.  First they filmed me decorating cookies, then I got interviewed.  The interview portion was definitely the most stressful part.  Here are some pictures of the day.  I will also let you know when the 30-90 second promo is available for viewing!