Wednesday, August 15, 2012

40th Birthday Guitar Cake

To celebrate his 40th birthday, Fab's wife Nadia wanted a special cake that featured Fab's beloved Fender guitar.  The planning for the cake involved secret meetings and cheques left under doormats, which was a first for me!  We had to figure out how to make a small cake feature his guitar (a sculpted cake would just be too large) and I think the 2 dimensional guitar on the cake board was a pretty great compromise!  I love how the cake turned out and I think it proves that even small and simple cakes can be amazing!  Devil's food cake with strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lighthouse Cake for 75th Birthday Celebration

More and more repeat customers and friends contact me for a cake order, saying they happily volunteered to get the cake for their special family occasion - because they know they will get the oohs and aahs when they present the cake and again when it gets eaten!

This special cake was no exception.  To celebrate his parent's 75th birthdays, David and his wife asked me create the Donaghadee lighthouse in cake.  Originally from the town of Donaghadee in Ireland, this was meant to be a special link to their past. 

The base was created out of carrot cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting and covered in fondant, the lighthouse was made out of crispy squares.  I covered the cake board in piping gel that I tinted to a pale blue-green and added orange bouys, the "visitors--berths" sign and the lighthouse details. 

The cake travelled over 200 kilometers to a beautiful cottage on 12 Mile Lake in Haliburton, Ontario where the family gathered for a long weekend of celebration.

The cake was a hit!  It received the expected oohs and aahs and a few tears of joy before being enjoyed by all!