Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Cookies - Order Today

Here are my holiday cookie options.  If you order for pickup on December 14 or later, any of the sets will be available in either gingerbread or my traditional sugar cookie option.  If you don't specify, they will be sugar cookies.  Unfortunately, shipping is not available for the month of December.  You can contact me via email at or call me at 905-778-1593.  As always, space is limited.

Advent calendar set with 23 mini cookies and one slightly larger (in this set, the average cookie is about the size of a toonie).  Twenty-four cookies wrapped with numbers, $30.

This 6-piece sparkly reindeer set is $24.

Twelve snowflakes of various sizes, $30.

This super sweet gingerbread family set is $30.

Snowflakes and mittens, $36.

Oversized snowflakes, $7 each.  These make a great gift for teachers, bus drivers, etc.

Holly berry cookies, 3 for $15.

Hanukkah set, $20.

Extra large gingerbread house, $8.

Mini set (average cookie size is about the size of a toonie), 24 cookies for $25.