Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gold and Silver Thank You Cookies

I am in love with these sparkly gold and silver thank you cookies made for a dinner party, they are a perfect lift needed for these dark days of winter!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine's Cookies

I am now taking orders for Valentine's Day.  Treat your special someone to something delicious!

Option 1 are these stylish red and gold hearts.  They come 12 in a box with a ribbon for $24.

Option 1: 12 for $24
Option 2 are these adorable lip cookies.  $4 each, no minimum order.

Option 2: $4 each
Option 3 are these super sweet micro-sized hearts.  They are 1 centimeter in diameter, so teeny-tiny.  A ribbon wrapped box of 50, $12.

Option 3: 50 for $12
Option 4 is last year's best seller, my "chocolate-covered strawberries".  6 for $16.

Option 4: 6 for $16

Option 5 are these 1" hearts sparkled with gold.  A little box of goodness, 12 cookies for $12.

Option 5: 12 for $12

Option 6 is another favourite from last year, the double heart.  $3 each, no minimum order.

Option 6: $3

Options 1, 3, 4 and 5 come boxed and wrapped with a gold ribbon.  A perfect gift for someone you love.  Contact me today to secure your spot on my schedule!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cookie Cutter Organization

Despite telling myself I don't need any more cookie cutters, I can't help but browse the cookie cutter "department" whenever I am shopping.  And while I already have a large collection, I inevitably see one I don't have.  I try to rationalize with myself, but I always imagine it could come in handy some day.  And when they are available for a bargain basement price, how can I resist?  Of course sometimes I splurge or really need a specific cutter and then I order them from one of my two favourite places to order from: Ecrandal Copper Cookie Cutters or How Sweet Is That.

I scored big time when I stumbled across this box of 100 cutters for $14!

I am a visual person and do best when I can see what I am looking for.  So I photograph each of my cutters along with all of the others of the same category (all the flowers, all the hearts, all the dogs, etc).  I store these pictures digitally on my laptop, so I can quickly pull up the picture I need.

The measuring tape and the ruler help me gauge the size of the cutters in the picture.

Seeing the cutters like this also helps me to find the cutter I am looking for.  If I know the cutter is made of pink plastic, it is easier to find in a drawer of 40+ cutters.

Since January is traditionally a slower month for me, it was a good time to go through each of my cookie cutter drawers, finding some missing cutters (yes, my Elmo cutter was found!) and photograph all my new cutters with their appropriate mates.  I really enjoy doing this and suspect I could find a lot of work doing this for other cookie artists!

I also cross-reference the data by putting the photograph into an Excel spreadsheet.  There I keep track of where each cutter is stored, the running total of cutters in each drawer and the total number of cutters.  I am currently in possession of 974 cookie cutters.  Yes, I hope to use each one at least once!!

Back in 2011, I stored my cookie cutters in 3 drawers, today I am using 20! I keep these four drawer units by my island, the two bins you see on top of the middle units go into a kitchen cupboard and then I have a drawer in my kitchen just for cutters too!

For more information about my dedicated cookie kitchen, please visit my "about me" section of my website here.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fire Truck Cookies (and Cookie Cutter Modification)

Until recently I did not have a fire truck cookie cutter, but I did have an order for fire truck cookies.  I put my thinking cap on and decided I would try to make a fire truck out of this regular truck.

I cut the truck...

Then I moved the cutter back and cut out another truck...

I moved the dough to the baking sheet and flipped the second front wheel up to the top of the truck, then I baked.  Pushing the dough tight together is all it takes for the dough to bake together.

I loved the end result!