Monday, April 29, 2013

Real Estate Thank You Gift Cookies

It's a long while since I've moved, but I remember the stress of the home sale process.  As a real estate agent, Jenn helps to ease her clients' stress and fear with her knowledge and calm demeanor. After a lengthy selling process, she recently closed the deal on a home for a gentleman who loves fishing.  As a thank you for his patience, she brought him this special tray of cookies!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mother's Day Cookies

How do you create a perfect Mother's Day?  Let me help you out with some suggestions: many moms like breakfast in bed (if she doesn't mind crumbs between the sheets).   Others just want to put their feet up, forget about chores and be loved with hugs and kisses.  Dinner out is always a good choice.  But the best one of all is flowers, and edible ones are even better!  That's where I come in.

This beautiful platter of spring time blossoms with hummingbirds is $34.  The set includes 12 cookies of varying sizes and comes beautifully boxed with a ribbon.  Perfect for mom to share or for her to tuck away and savour, one cookie per day.

I personally love this set of a lavender bouquet with plaque cookie.  This set of two (large) cookies is $12, comes boxed with a beautiful ribbon and the message can be customized for your special mom.

As always, space is limited.  Place  your order as soon as possible.  "Hint" emails can be sent to your loved ones if you are the mother who wishes to receive these special cookies, just send me the information!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Communion Cross Cookies

Frank-Anthony had been looking forward to his Communion for a long time.  Actually, he told me he was looking forward to the party!  At this special party, each one of his 100+ guests was given one of these beautiful crosses, wrapped in a cellophane bag and closed with a chocolate brown ribbon.  A thoughtful and delicious gift that I am sure everyone enjoyed.  Congratulations Frank-Anthony!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Shower Cookies

Alison and Tyler's upcoming wedding has a yellow and grey colour scheme, so for Alison's bridal shower, we used those colours.  Each guest went home with a beautifully delicious cookie packaged in a cellophane bag and a closure tag reading "Thank you for coming".  Wishing Alison and Tyler a happy wedded life.

Each guest went home with a beautifully delicious cookie packaged in a cellophane bag and a closure tag reading "Thank you for coming".  Wishing Alison and Tyler a happy wedded life.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tinker Bell Cookies

To celebrate her birthday with her friends, Jasmine wanted Tinker Bell cookies.  In Tink's traditional colours and with lots of pixie dust, these cookies fit the bill!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bradford Bulldog Hockey Logo Cookies

As many of you know, I only have daughters and they have never played hockey.  Hockey has become a big part of my life however, in the form of cookies.

These cookies have our local team's logo - the bulldog.  Each player received a bulldog and a personalized cookie with their name and number and traveled to Lake Placid for the team's final tournament of the season!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Moustache Cookies In Action

Back in Movember (November), I created a lot of moustache cookie sets.

One set went to Bradford's Midget Local League #1/Constable Well Drilling team and I was recently sent this picture of the team playing with their cookies before eating them!

I love this picture!  Thanks for sharing it with me.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sock Monkey Cookies and Cookie Cutter Improvisation

For these sock monkey cookies I had to think outside the box.  I didn't have a sock monkey cutter, so I improvised!

Using three cutters, including a monkey head cutter, a medium circle cutter (the white cutter is a smooth circle on one side, scalloped on the other) and a small circle cutter, I made the sock monkey shape.

Placing the three different pieces tight together is all it takes for them to bake together.

A little bit of icing transforms them into these cute sock monkeys!!  (I was inspired by Sweet Sugar Belle to use this icing swirl technique.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Estate Sign Cookies

I met Marie through one of those "it's a small world" kind of things.  I had connected with her in a local facebook group but had never met her in person.  We had both volunteered to run the Salvation Army kettle at the LCBO (liquor store) before Christmas, one week apart.  On my volunteer shift, one of my Triathlon Club teammates was in the store making a purchase and we said hello to one another.  He mentioned his wife had run the kettle the week before ... "Is your wife Marie?" I asked.  Small world!

Marie is a local real estate agent and is know for her hugs, and her incredible ability to sell!  This tray of cookies could actually be a photograph of a local neighbourhood.  Her signs everywhere - sold!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Get Better Soon Bouquet Cookies

Teresa's mom separated her shoulder (ouch!) and Teresa thought some delicious cookies would cheer her up.  An edible bouquet, if you will, complete with butterflies and a little reminder why she has to take it easy for the next little while, which we all know is so hard to do!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prom Proposal (Promposal) Cookies

It is that time of year, prom preparations are well under way.  Dresses are being bought, matching shoes are being selected, hair appointments are being scheduled and waiting to be asked by the dream date has begun.  The "promposal" is an important part of  the event and the question is - how will he do it?  One creative (dare I say romantic) young man had these cookies to help him win her over!  The suit cookie was inspired by De Koekenbakkers.

P.S.  She said yes!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yoga Pose Cookies

My teenage daughter and I have been taking a yogalates class at my local gym each week.  Yogalates is a "fusion of yoga and pilates" and I find it provides a perfect weekly balance with my spinning and swimming classes, while my stretchy daughter finds this to be a great class to get her stretch on!

So here is our yogalates class in cookie form.  The bent back elbow stand, downward dog and lotus positions!  Just to clear things up, only my daughter can do the first one!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WWE Cookies

Cameron is a great young man that I primarily know through his babysitter.  Nice, polite, kind to his sister, super sweet parents, I figured he was a quiet, peace-loving kid.  Then, I was asked to create WWE cookies for him and the research brought me to a whole new world - a world that he must be familiar with.  What a shock!  I almost fell off my chair!  This is a world I have never entered.  Yes, I had heard of "The Rock" but that is pretty much where it ends.  With two daughters and a peace loving spouse, the WWE is not spoken of in my house.  Until this week!

I still don't really understand much about the WWE, but these logos are now very familiar to me.  I actually like the D Generation logo very much and loved creating Cameron's name in my version of the WWE font.  Happy birthday Cameron, if you grow up to be a wrestler, I will never know anything about it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Autism Awareness Cookies

April is Autism Awareness month and in honour, I made these cookies for some of my favourite families.

Awareness of this complex developmental disability is something to consider every month of the year, because awareness leads to understanding.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hockey Jersey Cookies

The end of the hockey season brings a lot of hockey jersey orders.  Enjoy some of my latest orders:

Tracy's hockey team was heading into the finals and were hoping for a win.  Custom cookies for every lady on the team, including the coach, were ordered.  Alas, Tracy's team did not take the championship. I had hoped my cookies would bring the team luck, and perhaps if the team had eaten their cookies before the game instead of after, who knows!  Nevertheless, the cookies were a great way to celebrate the end of a fun season.

My friend Tanya was celebrating a birthday.  I made up these cookies for her to share with her family, one for every member of the family.

These Pittsburgh Penquin hockey jersey cookies were created for a little boy's 7th birthday.  He couldn't decide between Pittburgh or the Leafs (click here to see the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey jersey cookies), so he settled on... both!

The hockey season isn't quite over yet, at least not for me.  More hockey parties mean more hockey cookies in the next few weeks, fun! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dutch Themed Cookies

In the country of my birth, there is no confusion.  The country is Nederland, the people are Nederlanders and the language is Nederlands.  In the English translations however, confusion abounds.   The words Holland, Netherlands and Dutch are tossed around at random.  The country is referred to as Holland, which is not technically correct, but understood to mean the country of the Netherlands; the language and people are referred to as Dutch, which isn't technically correct either, as it is Netherlands in both cases.

Nevertheless, people generally understand the country of the Netherlands.  It has a great reputation as a country with kind and tidy people, charming towns and a long standing history of liberal attitudes.  They also know their food, especially desserts.  Their pastries and cookies are top notch.

So when I was asked to make "Dutch" cookies, it was specified that they didn't want "real Dutch cookies", but my cookies in a Dutch theme!  These cookies traveled to Florida, meant as a hostess gift.  The Netherlands flag, Delft Blue tiles and tulips made for a colourful tray of cookies.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bingo Cookie Set

I created this cookie set for my husband's grandmother's birthday.  She is a wonderful lady; funny, sassy and fiercely independent, still living on her own at 86 years old.  A mother of 3, grandmother of 8 and a great-grandmother of 3, she still drives, loves to travel and get together with friends, but if you were to ask my girls about her, they would tell you about her love of bingo.  Therefore, I thought this would be a great cookie set for her!

Not quite the traditional game, with letters in the columns instead of numbers, but after we called out the game and she placed all the cookie markers, the leftover letters spelled a special message.  Happy birthday Gramma Mary, we love you!