Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hockey Jersey Cookies

The end of the hockey season brings a lot of hockey jersey orders.  Enjoy some of my latest orders:

Tracy's hockey team was heading into the finals and were hoping for a win.  Custom cookies for every lady on the team, including the coach, were ordered.  Alas, Tracy's team did not take the championship. I had hoped my cookies would bring the team luck, and perhaps if the team had eaten their cookies before the game instead of after, who knows!  Nevertheless, the cookies were a great way to celebrate the end of a fun season.

My friend Tanya was celebrating a birthday.  I made up these cookies for her to share with her family, one for every member of the family.

These Pittsburgh Penquin hockey jersey cookies were created for a little boy's 7th birthday.  He couldn't decide between Pittburgh or the Leafs (click here to see the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey jersey cookies), so he settled on... both!

The hockey season isn't quite over yet, at least not for me.  More hockey parties mean more hockey cookies in the next few weeks, fun! 

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