Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dutch Themed Cookies

In the country of my birth, there is no confusion.  The country is Nederland, the people are Nederlanders and the language is Nederlands.  In the English translations however, confusion abounds.   The words Holland, Netherlands and Dutch are tossed around at random.  The country is referred to as Holland, which is not technically correct, but understood to mean the country of the Netherlands; the language and people are referred to as Dutch, which isn't technically correct either, as it is Netherlands in both cases.

Nevertheless, people generally understand the country of the Netherlands.  It has a great reputation as a country with kind and tidy people, charming towns and a long standing history of liberal attitudes.  They also know their food, especially desserts.  Their pastries and cookies are top notch.

So when I was asked to make "Dutch" cookies, it was specified that they didn't want "real Dutch cookies", but my cookies in a Dutch theme!  These cookies traveled to Florida, meant as a hostess gift.  The Netherlands flag, Delft Blue tiles and tulips made for a colourful tray of cookies.

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