Monday, February 3, 2014

Harry Potter Cookies

The first book came out and the world's love affair with Harry Potter had begun before I even became a mother.  I heard a snippet or two about the books, learned enough to know they were the fantasy genre and thought "not for me!"  My girls turned out to be ferocious readers.  We would make a trip to the book store and they would finish books before we drove home.  We read book series after book series, but none of them took very long.  It was a frustrating exercise.  My girls were about 9 and 11 when I  finally considered all those people who loved the Harry Potter series might be onto something after all.  I bought the first book and we all started reading.  Before long we had invested in the entire set and we borrowed a second set from my girlfriend.  The three of us couldn't put the books down and as soon as all three of us finished one of the books we would rent the movie (I am a true believer that you should read the book before the movie!)  I will never forget during the first movie when Professor Snape made his first appearance on screen.  The three of us looked at each other and yelled "Snape!"  I am not sure an actor ever embodied a character better!  It took us a couple of months to read all the books, one of us finishing a book first and being anxious for someone else to catch up so we could discuss the excitement or the sadness.  It really was a magical time for my girls and I and we have never had a book or series since that has brought us closer together.  

I was thrilled when Debbie called me and asked for Harry Potter cookies for her nephew.  He is a huge HP fan (I can relate!) and he probably has every piece of memorabilia out there, except custom cookies!  I hope he shared.  

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