Monday, August 26, 2013

Thomas the Tank Engine Set of Cookies

Little Chloe is a lover of trains and her mom wanted to order her a set of Thomas the Tank Engine cookies.  Thomas the Tank was never popular in my home, so other than the main train, Thomas, I was at a loss as to who to make.  Searching online didn't really help me because there are an unbelievable number of different characters in the books and shows.

One of my daughters suggested I ask a neighbour who is mom to a little boy.  We decided (partly based on colour and train disposition) that the three best trains would be Thomas, Percy and James.  The track cookies were inspired by a set created by Tickled Pink Cookie Boutique.

I got word that Chloe really liked the cookies, and here is a picture of her nibbling away at the edges.  Maybe she ate another cookie and saved Thomas - they are all equally delicious!

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