Thursday, July 4, 2013

Doctor Who Cookies

When I was a little girl, the television show Doctor Who was really, really creepy to me!  To this day, science fiction anything is not my cup of tea, and while I was aware that the show was being made and shown on television again, I was able to avoid it at all costs... until Heather emailed me from Vancouver.

Doctor Who is her family's thing.  Her love of the show was evident in her emails and she wanted me to create cookies in this theme, one set for her and her husband, a second set the wanted to send from Vancouver to Calgary as part of a birthday care package for her son.  She sent me pictures to inspire me, including a really creepy video of the Weeping Angels.  <Shivers>

I learned more about Doctor Who than I ever dreamed I would in this lifetime, but even I liked how the cookies turned out.  I never did figure out what the tardis is all about (and don't ever want to find out!)

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