Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Cookies

Here is a 200 cookie project I did a few weeks ago for the Town of Newmarket's Volunteer Appreciation event.  I did this project in assembly line fashion, which is one of the reasons I love making cookies so much.

After baking and flooding 200 cookies; let the decorating begin!

Each tray held 24 (plus one sad tray held only 8).  I would do one step on each cookie on each tray before starting the next step.
The first step was painting on the ground/earth.
Tray 1 complete.
The next step was a light green tree.
The next step was adding the larger, darker green tree.
Stacked and ready for the final step.  With a large order like this one, there is a mind-game at play...  Watching the stack of trays decrease made the final push bearable.
Final cookies, before packaging.  Roots and people were adding using edible markers.  This was the most labour intensive step, but I was really happy how they turned out and the feedback was terrific!!  They were loved.

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