Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Cookies

It was a busy Halloween this year with lots of cookies on the agenda.  Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day and the week leading up to it.

These spider cookies give many people suffering from Arachnophobia the creeps, but they are very popular!

These cute ghosts are extra yummy with the crunch of sanding sugar.

I loved these sparkly pumpkins in a variety of pumpkin colours.

Jack-o-lanterns, a Halloween must.

I loved these fun bats.

Re-purposing a gingerbread boy cookie cutter for these mummies was fun!
The first indoor Bradford Farmers' Market.  Thanks for all of your support.


  1. Hi...I was just wondering if your black icing stains peoples mouths (as mine do!) I use a gel food colour. If yours don't, please share what you use.

    1. Hello Tanya: I never colour my icing black, aiming for a shade of dark grey instead. Most colours darken over time, so if you make it dark grey (which requires a lot less food colouring), it will darken to black. I know which shade of dark grey I am going for, so I usually apply it to the cookies as dark grey and it dries black. You might want to experiment a bit first to achieve the grey that darkens to black. Having said that, I find people shy away from black icing, so I avoid or minimize it when possible (hard at Halloween). I use Americolor food colouring. Great question, thank you!