Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ironman Swim Bike Run Cookies

One of my awesome and inspiring friends, Jason, was celebrating his birthday and I decided to make him some cookies, because he likes them (a lot).  The perfect theme for his cookies was Ironman to celebrate his recent achievement in Muskoka, his second time completing the Ironman competition!

These swim cookies are funny, because Jason never wears a swim cap, although they do give you one for each race you enter.  He told me once he rips his off immediately after hitting the water and would claim he "lost it" if he was questioned about it.

Jason loves his bike.  He has tried to convince me I will like cycling too.  Unfortunately, he didn't convince me and my bike was recently sold to someone who is loving it.  I'll stick to the pool.

It is hard to believe someone could run a marathon (42.2 kilometers) after a massive swim (3.86 kilometers) and a crazy long bike ride (180.25 kilometers), but Jason did it, two years in a row!  Happy birthday my friend!

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