Thursday, April 24, 2014

Piping Bag Stages

With the ability to flood an average of 10 cookies per piping bag and sometimes creating 300+ cookies per week, I fill a lot of icing bags.  I have noticed the bag is always one of three stages.

Stage 1 - the "Hand Cramp".  A newly filled bag; the fuller the bag, the more painful the hand cramp.   I am constantly resisting the urge to overfill the bag in an attempt to get more cookies iced.

Stage 2 - the "Sweet Spot".  Oh, my favourite!!  I can just fold the top over and the squeeze is delightful.  It does not last nearly as long as I would like!

Stage 3 - the "Done Already?"  Almost time to refill the bag.  The question becomes - can I get one more cookie out of the bag?  Sometimes it is like squeezing the last of the toothpaste out of the tube. And if I start icing a cookie, I have to finish it, otherwise the icing looks terrible, so there is a real knack to knowing when to throw in the towel.  At least I know the Sweet Spot will be back with the next bag!

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