Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweater Cookies for National Sweater Day

My family really loves this earth and we do all we can to reduce our carbon footprints; we drive small cars, we use a clothesline, we purchase local whenever we can and we are Bullfrog Powered (learn more about this fabulous energy provider here).

Today is National Sweater Day (learn more about this WWF initiative here), where the idea is to lower the thermostat and put on a sweater.  This is the norm for us anyways, keeping the thermostat at 18.5°C (65°F) during the night and daytime, only raising the heat in the mornings for when we get out of bed and get ready for the day and around suppertime until bedtime.  It can be a challenge on cold days since both my husband and I work from home, but on baking days the oven helps me stay warm and sometimes my husband will sit near the fireplace, warming up only one room in the house.  Sweaters do help, and sometimes the warmth of the laptop is a delightful little treat!  Before long it will be hot again and we will long for the cold days of Canadian winters!

If you have not already, consider installing a programmable thermostat to lower temperatures when you are asleep or not home.  We have three in our house (one for the furnace, two for our gas fireplaces) and I installed them all myself in a matter of minutes.  According to the website, if every Canadian made the effort to lower the heat by 2°C this winter, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 4 Megatons!  I will get off my soap box now, but thank you for listening!

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