Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Shower Cake for Twins

About to welcome twins to the family, grandmother Sandy and aunt Ali came to me with a very special cake request for the baby shower.  The father-to-be of the twin boys cannot wait to take his sons fishing.  He told his mom that he expects he will be spending a lot of time untangling fishing lines in the years to come and Sandy wanted this to be the inspiration for the cake!   I sculpted two adorable little babies in diapers with fishing rods in their hands.  Their lines are already tangled!    Since there is a long-standing hockey rivalry between Ali and her brother I created a Leaf mascot teddy bear and a Penquins mascot "stuffie" which I imagined the little boys would drag around everywhere. 

The "water" of the stream is full of fish and rocks and a pair of rubber ducks bob along too.  At the edge of the water sit a couple of turtles, reeds and rushes "grow" under the dock, yellow finches gather, and it appears the boys left their bouncy balls beside one of the evergreen bushes.

I made this cake in brown sugar marble, with brown sugar Swiss meringue buttercream under the homemade fondant and each slice was served with a delicious caramel sauce.  It was a real privilege to make this cake for the growing family and I wish them all much happiness and love in the months and years ahead!


  1. Wow. That is very impressive. Did you use those rock candies?

  2. Yes, they are chocolate candies. This was a lot of fun!