Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Riding Helmet Horse Cake

Horse themed cake week continues.  Unlike the passing fancy of a doll or a favourite tv show, a child's love of horses can continue for a lifetime.  What might have originally started out as a love of ponies could eventually lead to a more serious dedication to show jumping, dressage and competition.  In that frame of mind, here is a cake for the more serious rider or for someone who aspires to be.

This cake can be any flavour you choose.  The cake is filled, stacked and then carved into a helmet shape.  It can be covered in fondant of any colour and comes complete with a fondant riding crop.  This is one "sweet" cake.  For your rider's next birthday, consider a party at Foxwood Farm, a wonderful riding facility just north of Bradford (  Their beautiful rural location is home to more than a dozen horses and a brand new indoor arena and tack room that is perfect for parties!

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